Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Forth!

We all have favorite times of year.
At our house, April Fools Day is a touchstone.
But other days appeal too - I'm partial to March 4th, an exhortation.
Get up, Stand up, Do Something! Go Somewhere! March Forth!
Even the geese in City Park march around (flying must be a bother - mostly our feathered friends walk), parading in formation, the leader blatting time.

It's a day to March in 3/4 time
If you like that sort of thing.
Cadence and sentences might even blend
If you're up for composing a string -

Step out your front door, facing the street,
Make your presence known.
Look left and right, and whoever's there, greet -
It's better than being alone.

Take my advice - you could do worse than geese
With a stroll in the open air -
Across the grass, beneath the trees,
March on forth: end up somewhere.

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