Monday, February 21, 2011


My FaceBook account was hacked recently. A phishing message was posted to all my friends.
Ernesto alerted me within hours of the occurrence, and I changed my password and went to my wall and deleted every instance I could see of the posting.
I also posted a message cautioning people not to click the link.

But days later, I was still getting messages from friends, wondering about the post.
Evidently, it wasn't deleted from everyone's wall. So I just spent upwards of an hour clicking through my friends list, going to their walls one by one and deleting the post. I was surprised by how many places it wasn't deleted - I guess the FB algorithm is not to be trusted.

I didn't have to do all that clicking, but my twentieth century sense of etiquette demanded that I clean up the mess made in my name, even though I had nothing to do with it.
One friend told me I shouldn't apologize, but admitted she too feels responsible when anything with her name attached to it, goes out into the world.

So I wonder - do younger people feel this sense of having violated others' privacy and personal space with a come-on in their name, even if they didn't create the problem? Am I really from a Calvinist time, in which everything is going to turn out to be my fault eventually, so I might as well own up right away?

I thought I exorcized guilt years ago - I've put my energy into treating people fairly so I have nothing to apologize for. But when this happened, Wham! Immediate and total Guilt!

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