Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Trek to Publication
Fred and I like to say that we live in a Self-Service economy these days -
you pay someone else, for the privilege of doing the work yourself.
Whether you're pumping gas or publishing your book, it's a DIY world now.

Having thrown in the towel on the agent-publisher-bookstore rigmarole, I've had a fast education on how one produces a professional-looking book.
Doing my own formatting for an e-book was too easy - I was lulled into thinking I could publish on the cheap.
Maybe I could've, without a print version. But I love books - not only the words, but the physical objects - and I don't want to limit my audience to people with e-readers.

The woman who'll be doing my (interior) book design, and my cover designer, will help me set Karmafornia apart in the sea of new titles.

The argument goes like this: you worked X years to polish this story - are you now going to slap a homemade cover on a cramped layout and call it a day? Why bother? Doesn't your book deserve an outcome worthy of your effort?

I'm on my way now, and I have to admit it's exciting. (Now all I need is a personality transplant, to market this book effectively.)

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