Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Inventing Words

This month's word is where'd-it-go (rhymes with vertigo) -
it's the fear of not being able to find something.
Fred and I have been experiencing a lot of this lately -
in addition to the boxes of stuff still unopened,
there's also the challenge of keeping track of things
unpacked but not yet well-situated.
These are actually more annoying, because
I just saw it! Where'd it go?

Whether it's the Phillips screwdriver,
the new box of light-bulbs,
or the bottle of Goo-Gone,
anything can be a source of where'd-it-go.

And this week, we have the word re-lease,
which means that someone else has rented our apartment,
thus re-leasing us from the obligation of 3 more months' rent -
an excellent turn of events!

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