Saturday, January 15, 2011

Design Flaws

Buying a house is like buying a car, only more so -
you don't just get the parts you want, you get the whole thing.
For example, the refrigerator in our new home:
It's a side-by-side, and in the crisper drawer, the vegetables are icing up.

This isn't my first fridge that does that. Makes me wonder: why is the crisper section in the bottom, where it will be coldest? I'd prefer to store dairy products down there rather than temp-sensitive foods like lettuce. But that's not how these
appliances are "designed".
In our last house, I insulated the drawers which still wasn't adequate - ended up storing the lettuce on the top shelf. Looks like I'll have to do that here too.
The milk isn't even particularly cold - I'd rather it was 5 - 8 degrees cooler. But the carton won't fit in the crisper drawer which has ice on one side and frozen veggies on the other.
Some fridges have all the units interchangeable so you can shift around the storage bins - not this baby.
Plus, a significant amount of the freezer space is devoted to an ice & water dispenser which doesn't work -

but it can't be removed to use
that storage for anything else.
Still, this is our new home.
We have to live with it,even
the parts that annoy the designer in me.

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