Thursday, January 20, 2011


Every once in a while a creative activity really sinks its hooks into me, to the
extent that it worms into my thoughts and manifests in twinges of thrill.
Such is Album-Cover-O-Matic - this random combining of words and images
results in some truly arresting combinations.
Musicians, take note - you could do worse!

Here are a few examples:

The instructions are simple:
Go to Wikipedia and click on Random Article. The title is your band name.
Now go to and click on Random Quotes.
From the quote at the bottom of the page, take the last few words.
This is your album title.
Now go to and choose Explore last 7 days.
The third image is your album cover picture. Copy this picture,
add the text for the band name & title, et voila!
Now go have some fun!

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