Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Karmafornia Book Tour, Part 1

Marigold & Ernesto set out from Denver heading north. Spectacular cloud formations in North Park, CO then found a campsite on Rabbit Ears Pass. Break from rain for dinner, then while we slept in our cozy tent it rained through the night. From Steamboat Springs we went into Wyoming; north of Baggs we held tent and rainfly into the stiff breeze, drying gear in a matter of minutes.

Back on the road into Grand Teton Nat Park. Ernesto's a Virginian - he's never seen much of the West, and finds it amazing. We camped along the Gros Ventre River - treated to a rainbow - and in the morning toured the park.

West thru Idaho:

Atomic City, Arco (1st nuke-powered town in US)

then Craters of the Moon Nat Mon, an otherworldly jumble

of lava beds, tubes and other crazy formations.

Campgrounds on the map near Boise didn't exist

so we ended up at Stinker's Fuel Stop that night.

On to Sisters OR for the Folk Fest - camped on the frigid Metolius River 3 nights and listened to music and hocked books 2 1/2 days- these Karmafornia t-shirts are great! Sold & traded a few books & handed out my book cover card.

Nice people and fine music - headliner Dave Alvin, new to our ears Cow Bop and Sweet Talk Radio. Excellent program Sept 11 morning - a dozen pieces, story and song, by diff artists, united us in sorrow and community. Rest of the day anything but gloomy - Hoots & Hellmouth, a Philly band playing at breakneck speed, and JT and the Clouds to finish off the festival with well-written songs.

Sunday a staffer gave my tray table "kiosk" the evil eye - "You know there's a really big fine if you don't have a vendor permit" so we packed that up & just gave out cards.

Monday drove to Crater Lake - gorgeous place. Hiked up Mt. Scott to highest point in the Park, then outran storms back down the trail. Tuesday boat ride to Wizard Island and around this stunning lake, then on to Eugene.

Sights along the way:

bear warnings in the campgrounds;

smoke from forest fires - east of the Tetons, west of Sisters, east of Crater Lake;

Adopt-a-Highway signs - businesses, families, schools, apartment buildings all doing their bit to keep the roads clean (which they are) - gives me hope for America.

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