Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Publishers Weekly Select Review

Tonight the postman made his way through snow and dark of night, to deliver my Publishers Weekly - and I'm glad he did!
On page 41 is a review of Karmafornia. This is what it says:

"In 1978, two young lovers leave Boulder, Colo., and head to Berkeley, Calif., where they struggle with life's messy problems and intrusions in this capable, well-developed look back at an edgy, bygone time. Arriving at the University of California, Berkeley, Laura - with free-spirited boyfriend Walt in tow - begins graduate studies in biology. It isn't long before she meets fellow student Cob, an irresistible fruitarian from Nebraska with whom Laura eventually has a passionate affair replete with unbelievable orgasms. But the relationship with Cob - and the sex - lacks love, and Walt is summoned to the rescue. This love triangle plays out against the background of the political and social upheaval of the time, with Weil referencing everything from the controversial Proposition 13 - which rolled back property taxes - to the mass suicide by cult members of Jim Jones's People's Temple in Jonestown, Guyana. Weil ably captures the period, while convincingly delineating her characters."

So if you know anyone who's a buyer, who reads PW, tell them to turn to page 41.
Or you could refer them here.
And thanks!


  1. NC : I want to read your book. THANK you for the heads up on the review - this is fabulous news! I tweeted it. I'll go on Amazon now -