Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DIY Publishing Continued...

Amid the headaches of creating a publishing entity, there are good moments.
Right now, excitement is building - I'm waiting for the hard-copy proof from the printer.
After working with my designer NZ Graphics to get the images, blurbs, ISBN & barcode, spine etc. set up to look their best and do their job, we have a book cover!

We considered font choices. Concerned with the limited options on my computer, I was thrilled when I visited myfonts.com to see the amazing variety of ways to create a look with mere lettering.
Then we hashed over what was to appear on the cover. Tried a box of rain and it didn't convey anything (a box of rain has significance in the novel). But the Indian-print bedspread was evocative of an era without intruding or causing bafflement.
The waves in the lettering help communicate the characters' ups and downs as well as the ultimate message of the book: not to take things too seriously.

So, we have a winner!

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